The first YubiKey launched in 2008, inspired by the word ubiquity and the vision of one security key to Yubico, der Erfinder des YubiKey, macht sicheres Einloggen einfach und für jeden verfügbar. Seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 2007 ist das Unternehmen führend bei der Schaffung globaler Standards für den sicheren Zugang zu Computern, mobilen Geräten, Servern, Browsern und Internetkonten. Yubico ist Urheber und wesentlicher Mitentwickler der offenen Authentifizierungsstandards FIDO2, WebAuthn und FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) und ist ein Pionier bei der Bereitstellung moderner, hardwarebasierter Authentifizierungssicherheit in großem Maßstab.

glueckkanja-gab AG is one of the leading IT managed services and consulting companies as well as a top partner of Microsoft in Germany. With over 250,000 managed clients at many enterprise customers such as DB Schenker, EnBW and Uniper, as well as hundreds of medium-sized customers, glueckkanja-gab is among the top players worldwide. Key drivers are the combination of managed services and proprietary technologies and solutions, especially the management platform RealmJoin, which significantly expands Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager, the Cloud Security Operations Center, which integrates all Microsoft security products as a service offering, and the Azure Foundation, which provides a collection of Azure Landing Zone architectures and best practices from many successfully implemented projects.

Business success is the result of innovative ideas, forward-looking strategies and perfectly tailored IT solutions that provide optimal support to companies as they face their own particular challenges. This always involves the contribution of people who bring the right mix of technological expertise and a deep understanding of the customer’s particular business.

With a team of around 6.300 employees on 56 sites, we are one of the leading IT service providers in the German-speaking area. We work every day to successfully implement our customers’ projects.